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Dealing With Damages To Your Home?
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Whether your home has been damaged by weather, structural problems, mold,
flooding or more, Burst pipes, broken appliances, even heavy rainfall that causes
flooding and water damages are enough to ruin your day. If you’re the victim of any
damages to your home or property from water, don’t wait to file an insurance claim.
Nearly half of all homeowners have experienced damages and the problems that
come along with them. Don’t deal with these problems for a second longer

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Confused By Complicated Insurance Policies?

90% of damage claimants find their insurance policies to be unnecessarily confusing and complicated. First-time insurance claimants are often fooled by the exclusions legal jargon in these their policies. Oftentimes, these types of confusing and lengthy policies are intentionally designed to enable insurance companies to deny part, or even all, of a claim due to a technicality.

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Am I Forgetting Anything?

You should seriously considering getting professional help from a
lawyer for your claim before sending it in to your insurance company. Filing it incorrectly can result in a denial. Not only do you have to complete the necessary paperwork, you must also compile recorded statements and photos, find and send pictures of your property before the damage - and possibly more, depending on what your company needs as proof!

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